Privacy policy

Your documents and signatures

Your documents and your signatures are never sent to any third-party servers except in the two following cases:

  • You explicitly choose to by exporting your document (eg. export by Email, Dropbox, ...) in which case the document and the embedded data will transit over the network to the chosen destination. Note that whenever possible, this transit is protected by SSL.
  • You have iCloud backups setup in which case the whole content of the app is encrypted and backed up to Apple servers.

Third-party plugins

Genius Sign lets you export your documents to several third-party cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Google Drive etc. Genius Sign needs your permissions to connect your third-party account. These permissions are needed to:

  • List the folders in your account to let you select one.
  • Write the Genius Sign document to your account.

What data does Genius Sign collect?

Some of the export plugins (eg. Evernote) allow you to attach your location to the exported document. If you choose to do so, Genius Sign will obtain your location and attach it to the document.

We also collect some usage data. This includes what features users use and how often. We use it to get a better knowledge of what features we need to improve, refactor, remove.

Your Consent

By using Genius Sign, you consent to our privacy policy.

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